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The Brand

Love, travel, dare.

Original and stylish clothing you won’t find anywhere else.

Each garment is designed with the greatest respect for the materials, humankind and Earth.

To reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible, we mostly work with overstock.

Our clothing is manufactured on the Costa Brava, north of Barcelona, where the brand's historic headquarters were.

Each season, we invite you to discover a new design in a variety of fabrics, with only one thing in mind: to make you feel beautiful, desirable and in line with your values.

The Designer

Safia Ayad loves chocolate beyond reason.

She practices yoga every day and makes her own compost.

With always a travel in mind, she has been growing and moving forward as a content creator since 2012.

The Inaya Woman

Energetic and glamorous, she loves to be seen. The Inaya Woman has a touch of daring and many values: she knows what she wants and moves with the time. She stays very connected, but is still concerned about the environmental and social issues in society.

The Inaya woman is the woman of today - juggling social networks, sports classes and restaurants with friends. Living the moment, she sees being a woman in the 21st century as a delight.

You are the Inaya woman!

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